‘I’m not into spiritual stuff at all, but I do believe there’s more between heaven and earth. When I was trying to find a home, radiance and energy flows were hardly the first things that came to my mind, but Toon Roijers showed me that these things can have a great impact on how happy one is in one’s abode. I’d never really thought about any of these things before meeting him, but I found him a very pleasant middleman to work with. What I really liked was seeing that he was not in it for the quick sale, but rather for the satisfied customer. So yes, I’d recommend his services.’

K. van Swieten

‘Last autumn we were looking for a second home in Andalusia. We knew Toon Roijers from Alkmaar, where he worked as an estate agent for a while, and heard that he had recently begun operating in Spain. We thought it would be a good idea to hire him as the estate agent making the purchase on our behalf. We greatly enjoyed doing business with him, as he is a wonderful man to work with. He shows a high level of personal involvement, and has a good feel for what suits us and what doesn’t. Partially through his efforts, we have found a gorgeous home, which completely matches us and meets our requirements. We are about to finalise the purchase.’

Bert van Raamsdonk