Heart4Homes was founded by Dutch estate agent Toon Roijers. In the late 1980s Mr Roijers switched from being a lawyer to being an estate agent. He was a successful estate agent in the Dutch province of Noord-Holland, who owned his own agency for a considerable period of time. Mr Roijers is a certified estate agent and surveyor and also served on the national board of NVM.

In addition to his job as an estate agent, Toon Roijers has specialised in spirituality over the last 15 years. He has noticed that the radiance levels surrounding us have increased tremendously over the last few decades, which greatly impacts our home lives, as well as our general well-being. Mr Roijers has studied all over the world, and has developed the kind of expertise and competence allowing him to apply his spiritual powers to the day-to-day business of being an estate agent.

If you are curious as to what exactly this entails, don’t hesitate to contact Mr Roijers at once.

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